About Us

Our brand was inspired by our two beautiful corgis, Tilly and Reggie. Our love for Tilly and Reggie and our obsession with candles are what started the brand.

Most candles available in stores are made out of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax candles release harmful substances and toxic fumes into the air. Considering these characteristics, I wanted safer and cleaner options: especially with my corgi babies around. That's when I found out about soy wax (all-natural) and started making my own candles.

Our candles are non-toxic and pet-safe with intended use. They are hand-poured in small batches to ensure high quality and fragrant scent. They are created with natural soy wax, natural cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oil. No dyes, paraffin additives or harmful phthalates are used.


So sweet and loving but she can be an annoying little biscuit sometimes. When feeling lazy, she loves lounging near one of our scented candles (under our supervision of course). Otherwise, she follows us around demanding cuddles, or bothers Reggie and steals his toys. We love her so much none the less; she is definitely the princess in the family.


Super friendly and energetic. He loves to say hi to every single person we meet while on a walk and then starts whining when we have to say goodbyes to them. Still, he is very loyal and never leaves our side; he’s our little shadow. He’s been watching us make candles so I’m pretty sure he knows how to make them by now. (Maybe he’ll be taking over the role of production manager soon.) He doesn’t care for Tilly most of the time, but he’s very protective and considerate of her so I guess he loves her like a real sister after all.